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Bay Laurel: Image

Bay Laurel is a full-service venue, meaning we offer everything you need to host a beautiful wedding or special event which you and your guests will never forget. Whether you’re looking for a specific flower arrangement or customisable menu options, we’ve got you covered. 

Inspired by the Bay Trees found right at the entrance of No. 12 @ The Oval, Bay Laurel was established by SID Events in 2021. It was created to be a versatile space for events and activities. Surrounded by nature and family-friendly amenities at The Oval, we guarantee a memorable experience for people of all ages. 

Bay Laurel Logo- Landscape IG_edited_edited_edited.png

"As Bay trees symbolises victory and success, reflecting our aspirations for Bay Laurel"


12 The Oval at Seletar

Celebrate your memorable day at Bay Laurel. A black and white colonial cluster house that will charm you.

We ensure you'll love the sunset. 

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